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The Trignac wasteland gathers lots of enigmas around itself.
Why build a steelmill here, far away from ore and coal, and found it in a swamp?
Did the silent partners believe they could overcome all these points against them? The Forges' history would prove them wrong.
Or else, did they build them here because it had to be here? The location could be the answer.

Could this place be a passage towards Mylos?

Like those from Mylos, Trignac's workers suffered here. Working accidents were very serious and numerous in the Forges.

Still the workers were very attached to them and a little city depended on them. Trignac was also the place for workers' awareness, a place of many strikes, maybe reflecting the 'Mary parenthesis'.

Even with this defense, from repurchase to bankruptcy, the time came for closure. And demolition.

And then... Demolition was stopped.
The supplies zone was kept, not the heart of the Forges.

Is there a passage hidden in the tunnels, in the dangerous foundation zones?
What lies at the inaccessible top of the big silo?

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