To the Curator of the Office of the Obscure Passages.


Assumption of a Passage Place at the location called the World Exposition 2000 of Hannover (Folder Number: LP106).



      Please find herewith the report supplemented of the many exhibits concerning the assumption of Passage place to the location known as of the World Exposition 2000 of Hanover in Germany.

      As you know it already, the investigation which followed the declaration formulated by Hans Mayer is one of most astonishing than it was given to make within the Office of the Obscure Passages. It is extremely regrettable that this investigation could not lead on a bright checking of the existence of a Passage place to this location. In spite of all our efforts and search, Hans Mayer did not to date give any sign of life and he carried with him the secrecy of the Passage which he would have discovered.

     Please find in these pages the precise report of the events related to this declaration as well as the many documents forming part of this folder.

      Sincerely yours,


Pierre Sannon

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