The assumption of a Passage place on the site of the World Exposition 2000 in Hanover is certainly one of the strangest which was studied within our administration. The events related to the investigation which followed the declaration of Hans Mayer, an inhabitant of the town of Hanover,indeed were extremely unusual. It is true also that the means implemented to carry out this investigation were completely exceptional. Never before so significant funds were freed (especially compared to few means available to our administration) to try to conclude an investigation for which unfortunately the results remain not very conclusive.

     The investigation thus began at the moment of the reception of one from the many electronic mails we receive to declare a new assumption of a Passage place. This mail had been sent Wednesday May 17 2000 by a man called Hans Mayer, pediatrist in Hanover, which said to suspect the presence of a Passage place on what would be then the future site of the World Exposition 2000 in Hanover.

The first mail from Hans Mayer

      The mail resembled at first sight to many other mails which we receive each day at the office of the Obscure Passages. However, as it is unfortunately often the case, the history which told us Hans Mayer seemed first quite eccentric. As one can read it, two facts would have drawn the attention of Mr Mayer to the probability of the existence of a Passage place. The first was the fall of a workman working on the building site after having seen a strange flying machine coming towards him. The second was the not less strange disappearance of another workman working on the building site. He can indeed be rather acceptable that a person falls from the roof of a building and loses the head but the history of strange disappearance appeared not very credible. More especially as it was a narratif diagram often used by the inveterate liars or bad jokers of all kinds trying to mislead us or to deceive us on the existence of a Passage place towards the Obscure Cities. It is also interesting to note that Hans Mayer expressed itself in his electronic mail in an impeccable French for a person of German extraction.

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