Although I was from the beginning very skeptic about the veracity of the facts which were reported to us in the mail, I decided despite everything to give one following to this one. I had preferred to judge that my first impression was perhaps not the good one and that this first declaration deserved that one took interest a little bit to it.

The response to the first mail from Hans Mayer

      The mail of Hans Mayer was not very complete and it appeared useful to me to ask him some complementary questions in connection with the facts that it mentioned there as for example of knowing what had become to the workman having made a fall. It would have been also extremely interesting to have evidence which could have supported the remarks of Mr Mayer as for example a copy of the article of the newspaper exposing the facts of the mysterious disappearance of the second workman.

      The answer of Hans Mayer was coming very fast since it arrived shortly after the sending of my mail. I was not almost surprised to discover that Mr Mayer could not provide me fuller explanations about the events that he reported. But especially, he was as by chance unable to provide us evidence since according to him, he did not had any more an article of newspaper concerning the second workman.

The second mail from Hans Mayer

      Definitely, the assertions of Mr Hans Mayer seemed not very credible. The stories tht he reported appeared without base and especially could not be proven. It is thus perhaps a little hastily that I considered at this time that we once more dealt with practical joker. I then choose not to withdraw this file anymore.

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