Undoubtedly the enthusiasm of Hans Mayer was contagious, but I let myself carry out by this one and I decided that the assertions and assumptions of this guy were not after all without base and that, extremely probably, Mr Mayer was sincere, in any case in his conviction to be on the track of a Passage place. I answered him rather quickly to encourage him to continue his search and, perhaps you will remember it, sir, it is at this time that I decided to undertake the voyage towards Hanover there to make some personal investigations and to try to meet Mr Mayer, which I proposed to him in my mail.

The response to the fourth mail from Hans Mayer

      Very strangely and as opposed to what I had thought, Mr Mayer did not answer to my mail immediately. The surprise that I have by reading the mail that I received on July 19 was as high as my waiting to receive it. In this mail, Hans Mayer affirmed to have discovered the exact place of Passage towards the Obscure Cities.

The fifth mail from Hans Mayer

      Hans Mayer based his assumption on two elements. The first was the testimony of the workman who had made a fall, a certain Hermann W. Hans Mayer would have found this person and he would have had itself the occasion to discuss with him about this subject. Obviously, the place of the accident inevitably indicates the supposed place of Passage. The second element is a daring theory which comes to confirm the assumption of one Passage to the place supposed by the account of the workman.

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