Although the statements of Mr Mayer were completely enthralling, it must well to be recognized that the theory of the signs making possible to identify the exact place of Passage seemed somewhat unrealistic, and even a little bit eccentric. The testimony of Hermann W, the workman, seemed more acceptable but was it authentic? We were obliged to admit that none the revelations of Mr Mayer could checked. Although the preceding mail of Mr Mayer had made reappear in me a great interest for this assumption, this last one insinuated in me some doubts about its veracity. I was in a hurry in any case more and more to return to Hanover and to meet this Mr Mayer to check more closely his assertions.

     I wanted nevertheless to warn Hans Mayer. I prevented him to be careful because any assumption, for as tempting as it can be, can be shown false. Maybe had I doing it simply to moderate him if he was sincere. But also perhaps was this to warn him if it was about a hoax.

The answer to the fifth mail from Hans Mayer

     The answer of Hans Mayer was without any doubt the more surprising of all the messages that he had sent to me. He declared quite simply that he had succeeded to pass in the world of the Obscure Cities, or at the very least, he had managed to make open the Passage and to foresee the Obscure Continent. According to him, the opening of the Passage was controlled via the use of signs or symbols to be collected in the house "Planet of Visions". He even let imply that this house would have been built only to place there the signs which permit to open the Passage. A kind of "initiatory courses" as said himself Hans Mayer.

The sixth mail from Hans Mayer

      Mr Mayer was to have felt my scepticism and he let me know it. As much as his irritation in front of my prudence, a great excitation was perceptible. He really seemed to believe so that he wrote. However, I was increasingly dubitative. His descriptions were extremely vague. He didn't said a word in connection with the signs or symbols to be found in the "Planet of Visions" neither how to find them, nor how to use them inside the "T-digit". Finally, He did not describe absolutely what he had seen.

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