I hastened in my answer to ask him all these questions. What had he seen? How had he caused the opening? Which were the symbols? I also wished to justify my doubts and interrogations and to render comprehensible to him as my work of investigator obliged me with prudence and to base my feeling only on tangible evidence to judge existence or not of a Passage place.

The answer to the sixth mail from Hans Mayer

     I will never know if these are my doubts or well his night activities which lead Hans Mayer to never write me anymore, but in any case, the mail where he stated to have succeeded in opening the Passage was the last electronic mail of Hans Mayer. I was a little bit saddened and I tried nevertheless to join again the dialogue by sending a last mail to point out my invitation to him to meet us. It seemed to me that he would understand that if I accomplished the voyage to Hanover, it was that its assumption seemed to us interesting.

The last mail to Hans Mayer

      I received however always no answer and it is extremely anxious that I left on August first for Hanover.

     My greatest surprise waited me to my hotel. I do not know how he had been caught there, but Hans Mayer had managed to find the hotel where I would place in Hameln and he had left a letter to my intention there.

The letter from Hans Mayer


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