The letter which had left me Hans Mayer left a certain disorder in me. He said in it not to have anymore been able to reopen the Passage and that fearing to be taken for an inveterate liar, he did not wish any more to meet me. I was at the same time surprised of his remarks and to some extent satisfied. Once more, the letter let have a presentiment of a great sincerity. But at the same time, I also had the impression that it was only the last stratagem invented by a bad joker at the time to fall the mask. It appeared clear to me that I will never meet Hans Mayer and that never his history and his theories could be authenticated. he had accompanied its letter by a data-processing diskette containing a file not completed which should have put me on the track of the symbols to be identified in the "Planet of Visions" and then re-used in the "T-digit" to cause the opening of the Passage.

The diskette from Hans Mayer

     I was not able obviously to look at what contained the diskette when I was in Germany. It is only at my return that I was able to take note of his contents. Wednesday August 2 2000, I in vain awaited Hans Mayer during nearly 1 hours at the Northern entry of the site of the World Exposition as we had agreed. The visit of the exposition learned to me not large-thing. The symbols or signs belonged by Hans Mayer on the site to the Exposition were quite real. As I did not know the contents of the diskette, I did not notice anything in particulars. I decided at the evening not to try the experiment to let me lock up in the exhibition site to then introducing myself into the "T-digit". There what could I well have learned? I did not have the symbols to introduce nor the modus operandi to cause the opening of the Passage.

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