The assumption of a Passage place on the site of the World Exposition 2000 in Hanover thus remains to date not elucidated. What is necessary to think about Hans Mayer and his theories? It should unfortunately be recognized that the veracity of any testimonys of which he would have been the listener could be proven. No article of newspaper speaking about worrying disappearance on the site of the Exposition could be found and no proof on the history of Hermann W was given.  It could thus have been easy to Mr Mayer to invent these testimonys to support his assumption. The signs or symbols raised on the site of the exposure are as for them quite real. As well giant books as the sphere armillaire or the panorama is indeed present. The theory explained by Hans Mayer starting from these signs to define the Passage place seems plausible even if it is extremely possible starting from some points on a card to assemble any theory. There remain finally the symbols to be discovered in the "Planet of Visions" which were not revealed by Mr Mayer. Why not not have clearly left in the letter the description of the symbols and the manner of using them in the "T-digit" to open the Passage?

      In spite of the extremely sincere character of the mails of Mr Mayer, my conviction is that this affair was assembled of all parts by practical joker which at the last time did not have courage to acknowledge its fixed price and used of a last stratagem to ravel itself. No proof being available, no element of this affair beieng sufficiently detailed and especially, the principal witness and "discoverer" of this place having completely disappear of circulation (the electronic address of Mr Mayer doesn't answer since more than the 2 August 2000), it is completely impossible to declare the site of World Exposition 2000 of Hanover as beieng an attested Passage place.

     I want to definitively conclude this report by stressing that the lack of proof does not demonstrate the non-existence a Passage. Undoubtedly, in the present case, our administration was victim of a quite rotten trick. But that does not eliminate the possibility of a Passage to this place. It is necessary to keep in mind that some elements, as the symbols on the site of the Exposition remain extremely interesting on the matter. Perhaps some other elements could be extremely useful or revealing of a Passage in the future. Although the testimony that we have does not seem very worthy of faith, the assumption of a Passage towards the Obscure Cities on the site of the World Fair of Hanover remains probable and the file remains open...

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