Two weeks later, it is by the local press that I learned that there had been a mysterious disappearance on the ground of the exposure. A workman would have suddenly no more presented himself at his work. Some of his colleagues had affirmed to have seen him arriving as usual a day in the morning and to have no more seing him since that moment.

I know that these two stories will appear to you very simple and without interest. However, I remain very disturbed today. The disappearance of the workman of the building site would undoubtedly not have drawn my attention if I had not lived myself so closely the history of the first workman who had fallen. Today, I have so many questions in connection with these two events and I wanted to let you know them.

The opening of the exposition is only within two weeks and I hope well to go there. I will of course keep you inform of all new element which I will be able to discover there.

By thanking you for the attention which you agreed to give to this mail.


Hans Mayer.

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