From: Hans Mayer <[email protected]>
To: OPO <[email protected]>
Object: New Passage Place
Date : Wednesday 17th of may 2000 23:08


Dear sir,

Would you like please let me first present myself. My name is Hans Mayer. I am an inhabitant of Hanover where I'm Pediatrist. I write to you because I believe to have discovered a new Passage place towards the world of the Obscure Cities.

Like all the inhabitants of Hanover, I was interested of course for a long time in the World Fair which will open its gates in a few days there. At the beginning, I was interested in it only for the significant event that this exposition represents for our city. Well on, I was also very interested by the future "Planet of Visions" of which I knew that it would be conceived by Mr François Schuiten. This relation did not have however let me imagine that there could be a Passage place on the ground of the exposition.

It is during a discussion with colleagues at the hospital that I had for the first time some suspicions. Colleagues of the service of the urgencies had received a workman of the building site which had made a fall. At his awakening, this person seemed very agitated and said to have lost balance after having seen passed in front of him a strange flying machine. This person was immediately allowed at the intensive care of the service of Neuropsychiatry. The history had made much laugh within this service. However the description of the flying machine that this person would have seen (according to the explanations of a colleague) did not correspond to that of a flying saucer where of another UFO as we are used to hear today. This description was that of a machine as certain visionaries of XIXième century described them.

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