From: Pierre Sannon <[email protected]>
To: Hans Mayer <[email protected]>
Object: Re: New Passage Place
Date : Saturday 20th of may 2000 20:26


Dear mister Mayer,

It is with many interests that we took note of your assumption of Passage place.

As you suspect it doubtless, the possibility of a Passage place on the site of the World Exposition in Hanover is already the subject of some search within our administration since other sites of World Exposition like that of 1967 in Montreal or 1958 in Bruxelles already were the subject of search in this field. You are however the first person to announce to us so suspicious, and more particularly so strange facts which could be related to the existence of a Passage place. We thus thank you for communicating them to us.

My name is Pierre Sannon and it is me who will be in charge of this assumption of Passage. As I already said in this mail, the facts that you signal are indeed of a great interest. You will understand however that I ask you some complementary questions in connection with those ones. Do you know what became the workman who made a fall? Could you yourself discuss with this person? Could you also forward to us a copy of the newspaper reporting the strange disappearance of the workman on the site of the exposition?

I remain fully at your disposal for all new elements that you would like to make us share.

best regards.

Pierre Sannon

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