From: Hans Mayer <[email protected]>
To: Pierre Sannon <[email protected]>
Object: Re: New Passage Place
Date : Sunday 21st of may 2000 06:37


Dear mister Sannon,

I thank you for the interest you pay to my mail. I must admit, even if that appears unreasonable to you that for some time, the adventure of these two workmen turns for me to obsession.

I unfortunately could not discuss directly with the first workman. As you know it already, I am a pediatrist and the case of the broken workman did not form part of my field of competence. It was thus not possible for me to meet him. He was transferred some times ago in a specialized agency. You will understand I think that the medical secrecy prohibits to me to say anymore to you in connection with this poor fellow. I do not have either preserved the newspaper which spoke about mysterious disappearance. I am sorry for that.

I thus do not dispose unfortunately for the moment of anymore elements. As I said to you, I will go to the opening of the exposition in the search of new elements and I will inform you of them immediately.

Best regards.

Hans Mayer.

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