The first sign that I discovered was situated in the house of France. I went there completely by chance. Lastly, not completely, one of my friends had visited it and had recommended to me to go to see it. He found nice the evocation of the history of the French cinema which is represented there. The end of the course devoted to the cinema leads to giant books. I was immediately struck by the relation between these giant books and those of the house of the Utopias. There are two types of books in the French house. The first opens to reveal an assembly as in these old books that one made in the past that developed when they were opened. The second type was extremely similar to those of the house of the Utopias, with red covers and titles in gold letters. There was at this time there no doubt for me that I had just discovered one of the first signs which would carry me out towards the Passage. It is I believe at this time that my emotion was largest because after the disappointment of the first days, I found all the enthusiasm which had invaded me at the beginning of this affair.

The photographies of the hous of France.

The second sign was in the house of Belgium. Here, it was not really a surprise. I knew that a scenography had also been carried out here by Mr François Schuiten. I did not really have the impression to be in front of a sign when I found myself in this circular part. It was very dark and what arose more was the luminous painting of the bottom. The characters laid out in front of painting seemed all black completion and were extremely awkward to see painting. The only common point that I could find with the house of the Utopias was the fact that it was here also about a kind of panorama, but much smaller than the one of the Utopias.

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