From: Hans Mayer <[email protected]>
To: Pierre Sannon <[email protected]>
Object: New elements
Date : Friday 7th of july 2000 07:32


Dear mister Sannon,

First of all, please agree to excuse my long silence. I must admit that the disappointment I had at the time of my first visit to the World Exposition led me to disinterest from the subject of a Passage towards the Obscure Cities.

Although the history of the two workmen continued to occupy me the spirit, it is only a few days later that I finally get back to the exposition. I decided to benefit from the drop in the price of the entry ticket in evening for me there to return more regularly and to visit the houses of various countries in a more serene way. It is at the time of these visits which I could discover so many signs which let suppose that there would be a Passage place on the ground of the Exposition. Most astonishing is that these signs are placed in an extremely obvious way. How hadn't I been able to see them during my first visit? Don't you find that it is incredible to note that it is when one does not seek anymore something that he found it?

As you will be able to note it by looking at the copies of the photographs which I joined to this mail, I believe to have discovered at least three indices in direct relation with the world of the obscure cities.

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