According to my theory, the giant books of the French house and the panorama of the Belgian house are not key places to find the Passage. They simply permit to attract the researcher in this part of the site of the Exposition. Indeed, the researcher initiated with the problems of the Obscure Passages comes inevitably from the Hall 9 which is that of the house of the Utopias. If he visits the house of France, it is impossible for him not to see the first sign consisted by the giant books. This first sign indicates that he is on the good way. The researcher then will continue further in the east part and will visit the house of Belgium where he will discover the second sign that only confirm that it is in this part of the site that it is necessary to seek. Lastly, the wooden sphere armillaire is more difficult to find. Its relation with the Obscure Cities is not totaly an evidence, but it is however well that one that is the true key of the enigma.

La carte de l'Exposition Universelle

It is by consulting the map of the Exposure and by studying the symbolic system of the sphere armillaire in the context of the Obscure Cities that I understood. The sphere armillaire represents on the Obscur continent the node of an axis which controls time. According to some knowledge that we have of it, this node is naturally with the pole. I deduced from it that the site of the sphere of the Exposition was to represent the node of an axis. I then traced a straight line which passes by the center of the House of Latvia and that of the House of the Utopias, one sees that this line passes exactly by the center of the "T-digit". Thing even more surprising, the medium exact of the right-hand side joining the centers of the house of Latvia and the "T-digit" corresponds to the site of "the letter box" which is the highest building of the Exposition and thus the most distinctive building. It then appeared obvious to to me that if the sphere represents a significant pole, the "T-digit" is the different significant pole that corresponds to him.

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