From: Hans Mayer <[email protected]>
To: Pierre Sannon <[email protected]>
Object: Passage found
Date : Wednesday 19th of july 2000 23:47


Dear mister Sannon,

I just come back from the Exposition and I think I can affirm that I found the Passage place towards the obscure cities.

It is absolutely fantastic. All the elements are present to help the researcher to find the Passage. When I think of it, it is incredible the time which I needed to find it.

But let me tell you to the whole thing since the beginning. Even if all the signs are there, it is thanks to Hermann W, the workman who had an accident that I had my first suspicions on the exact situation of the Passage place. I am not very proud of what I did, but ecouraged by my discoveries on the ground of the Exposition, I returned the previous week to visit  Hermann W. who was going soon to leave the institution where he had been placed. The drugs and the attentive care of the personnel had almost completely convinced him that he was the victim of an illusion due to overwork. The doctors thus regarded him as cured. Itself is also persuaded of it and that makes him still more talkative in connection with his mishap. He now tells with whom wants to hear it his history as a victim of the road tells the least details, second after second, of his car accident. At the time when he "believed" to see a strange machine flying in front of him, Hermann W. was working on the face of the building called the "T-digit". He was occupied connecting between them some cables that make it possible to supply the giant screen.

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