From: Pierre Sannon <[email protected]>
To: Hans Mayer <[email protected]>
Object: Re: Passage found
Date : Thursday 20th of july 2000 18:59


Dear mister Mayer,

Your theory on the localization of a Passage towards the Obscure Cities on the site of the World Exposition of Hanover is completely enthralling. I would like however to advise you the greatest prudence in this field. Many theories on assumptions of localization of Passage which seemed very coherent are proven completely erroneous thereafter as you will be able to see it in the many files at your disposal on our Internet site.

Moreover, if your theory seems to be very plausible, it still remains however to check it. I would be present Wednesday August 2 2000 in Hanover and I will be glad to meet you there to try to confirm it with you. I will arrive actually Tuesday, but late in the evening and I think that I will not have time to go to Hanover. I will go directly to my hotel in Hameln and I will try to be present at the opening of the Exposition the following day. Could you let me know if the date of August 2 is appropriate to you also?

Best regards

Pierre Sannon.

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