From: Hans Mayer <[email protected]>
To: Pierre Sannon <[email protected]>
Object: I found the Passage
Date : Wednesday 26th of july 2000 02:22


Dear mister Sannon,

I believe well that I still will encounter your scepticism but I can ensure you today that not only I found the Passage but moreover, me Hans Mayer, I passed to the other sided. I saw the flying machines which saw the poor Hermann W I saw the Obscure Continent...

I was right, the passage is well inside the "T-digit". I succeeded to introducing myself in it during the night and thanks to the indices which I collected within the House of the Utopias, I succeeded to open the Passages. Because indeed, the House of the Utopias is not a lure. It acts, a little like the indices scattered on the ground of the Exposition, as an initiatory course during which symbols must be identified. I wondered why the "T-digit" could be a probable Passage place towards the world of the Obscure Cities and suddenly, the relation appeared obvious to me. The "T-digit" is a center of communication where is there concentrated the advanced techniques in this matter. Which other best means than the last methods of communications as Internet could one envisage to open a Passage towards the Obscur world. It is only once inside the "T-digit" to introduce the symbols corresponding on one of the many terminal to cause the opening of the Passage.

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