From: Pierre Sannon <[email protected]>
To: Hans Mayer <[email protected]>
Object: Re: I found the Passage
Date : Thursday 20th of july 2000 18:59


Dear mister Mayer,

Your revelations are each time increasingly astonishing. I ask of course only to believe you when you say to me that you found a Passage towards the Obscure Cities. However, you will understand that as an investigator, I must remain objective and I can unfortunately base my judgement about the reality of your assumption only on tangible evidence. Forgive me, but I cannot be satisfied with assumption.

Your completely enthralling adventure deserves some explanations indeed. What did you see exactly? How does the opening occur from the Passage? Which are the symbols to be introduced into one of the terminals of the "T-digit" and how to introduce them?

You will agree on it, We for a long time considered to be your assumption extremely probable and this is why I will make the voyage until Hannover and, as I already said it to you, I will be very happy to meet you there. I made the necessary to remain on the site during night with you by hoping that we will not have too many concern with the justice of your country thereafter. I thus give you rendez-vous as you propose it Wednesday August 2 2000 in the morning at the northern entry of the site of the Exposition. Could you simply let me know how I will be able to recognize you?

Best regards

Pierre Sannon.

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