I live in Mons-en-Baroeul, a small city of the agglomeration of Lille. It is a completely usual city. However, there is there an old building, the Fortress of Mons. It is a military construction having been useful during the First World War. Its position in height and its thick fortifications made of it an ideal place to observe the movements of the enemy troops and to defend the population. Nowadays, the Fortress of Mons does not belong any more to the army. It was reconverted in a center of culture and leisures sheltering in particular in its centre a library and an association of video creation. All the children of the vicinity come to live afternoon of adventures while playing in what remains of the old galleries hidden among the trees. The Fortress of Mons is a very pleasant place to walk. As soon as one penetrates there, the city is erased behind its fortifications, the urban noises attenuate and each walk reveal a new path, a new gallery which one never seems to have seen and in which one ventures with a small shiver in front of the unexpected one.

The entry of the Fortress of Mons.

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