I very precisely remember the first time that I heard speaking about Ibouchir Bouna. One day, at the beginning of spring 1996, a man was found at the Fortress of Mons, clothing teared up, the empty glance, stammering some uneasily comprehensible words of which its own name: Ibouchir Bouna. He was received at the hospital. Suffering from nothing serious, its health was restored in a few days. Its spirit however seemed to remain empty. It murmured nothing any more but its name and some mysterious words such "Alaxis" and "Zogécar". I was struck by the article of the newspaper because "Alaxis" was not an unknown name for me. That made me think to an Obscure City, city forming part of a world described in comic strips which I had recently discovered to the public library of Villeneuve d' Ascq. Ibouchir Bouna was received in a specialized establishment in which he did not stay a long time. Indeed, somebody sought it and in spite of still fuzzy circumstances, the people let it leave, according to the article published in "the Echo of North". Personnaly disturbed, I returned to the library of Villeneuve d' Ascq in order to read again the books of the Obscure Cities.

A wall closes this room. What could be hidden outside of it?

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