I discussed about all of that with Herve Longuépée, the librarian specialist in Comic strip of the library of Villeneuve d' Ascq. We thought that this history would make a good scenario of a role playing game in which the players would inquire into an imaginary world described in a Comic strip which would perhaps not be so imaginary. While discussing, I tapped automatically on the keyboard of the computer of consultation. I was amazed when after having typed "Bouna", in a probably unconscious way, I saw that the library had a work of him entitled "Obscure Disappearances". Herve was as astonished as me. He says to me that he never saw this book. He carried out search, but it was impossible to find it. The book unfortunately seemed to have been stolen. I taken the references of this one, well decided to find it. This action well quickly appeared impossible. The booksellers said to me that the editor did not exist and that the ISBN number of the book "1-112112-11-1" resembled to nothing usual. In short, in spite of my efforts, I never saw the book of Ibouchir Bouna!

After having walked a while in the Fortress, the outside seems to strangely being negative. Note the strange ellipse on the right!

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