I have then the idea to try some search on the person of Ibouchir Bouna. After much of unfruitful attempts, I found an article in "Le Monde". One quoted him at the time of disorder in Tunisia. A subversive leaflet against the government would have been worth to him to be locked up a certain time, but that went back to 1972. The article referred only shortly to the event but spoke a little bit about Ibouchir Bouna. I returned 24 years behind. At that time, Ibouchir Bouna, recently returned from South America, launches with student friends some movements of riots. He criticizes president Bourguiba, quickly becomes a chief of the student movement although he is already more than thirty years. Adored by crowd, he is arrested. He disappears mysteriously from his cell. Becoming little by little a legend, one says contradictory things concerning him. He would have escaped to many attempt of murders or changed his appearance for security. No complete description of him exists. One does not know his date of birth with certainty. Some say that it was before the war, others advance 1950, which is contradictory with the age that one gave him at the moment of the riots in Tunisia.

The nature become more and more anormal, like in the Nosferatu movie of Murnau, when the heroes crossed the bridge, the ghosts appeared in front of them.

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