My curiosity was pricked with sharp. Why if this man were a legend in Tunisia, the western people never heard speaking about him? What did he make at the Fortress of Mons? How did he come out of the hospital? What became the specimen of its book held by the library? I decided to go to walk in the Fortress of Mons. After having walked around an half of an hour, I was quite impregnated by the ambiant of the place. A quietude, a feeling of empathy with the surrounding things invades me quickly. Soon, I made a pause, observing the details of the walls. I was in a state of complete serenity. The bricks of the Fortress of Mons seemed rich. Their forms appeared very real to me at the same time while having a share of dream, of imagination. I discovered little by little reasons which had escaped me on the first view. My fingers started to run along the drawings increasingly more complex. Then, suddenly, all rocked...

Here is the room where everything rocked!

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