The Great Palace of Paris


Its history conceals a multitude of small details
common to the world of the Obscure Cities
or the Passage places towards this one.
Build between 1896 and 1900, it was,
like the Law courts of Bruxelles, the object of a
sharp polemic during its construction.
The comparison does not stop there.
Girault, its architect, taken by same
delusions of highness as Poelart, wanted to make
this Palace of the fine arts the nail
of the World Fair of 1900.
To the lack of enthusiasm of the
politico-economic class regarding to the
extent of the committed expenditure came
to be added the fear of the inhabitants of
Paris to enter too quickly in XXth century.
The construction of the palace indeed required
the partial destruction of the Garden of Paris,
privileged place of walk of the high society
of the time as well as the total destruction
of the Palace of Industry, monument raised
during the World Fair of 1898 which had affirmed
the triumph of sciences and the industry
of this end of XIXth century.


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