The Great Palace of Paris


The correspondences are indeed disconcerting.

- It is at the same time than that of
construction of the Great Palace
that Augustin Desombres seek feverishly
the Passage which enabled him to finally
succeed to express freely its Arts
- Some exposures of Great Palace
could have been influenced by the work
of Axel Wappendorf in its desperate
search of an ideal mean of transport
- The Passage place of Saint-Martin-des-Champs
evoked by Umberto Eco in
"The Pendulum of Foucault" and
point of convergence of Religion and Technique,
recall strangly the conflict between
Art and Science of which the
Great Palace was the theatre.
Moreover, the Palace is located near
the Passage place evoked in "Terra Nostra"
of Carlos de Fuentes where the principal
character rocks in another time while falling
from the Bridge of Arts in the Seine.

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