Vauban: engineer and traveller

     Emma said to come from another world. She had spent several years on ours in order to visit it and wanted to turn over in his one. The problem of our world, she said, is "that it strangly seems closed again on itself and that it is incredibly difficult to find a place of transfer because of the infinite disposition taken by some authorities to dissimulate these places". Her search then led her to the citadel of Namur because of her knowledge in connection with its architect: Sebastien Le Prestre de Vauban.

    Indeed, to our great surprise, Emma taught us that if Vauban were strongly famous on our world, it had had also a great fame on the obscure continent a long time ago. It is the few attraction which has the inhabitants of this world for the history and the chronology which would have led to his lapse of memory.

Un passage dans la muraille d'enceinte qui laisse entrevoir l'accés fermement grillagé à des souterrains.

   Vauban would have been made known on the obscure continent by the many buildings and fortifications which he made set up in cities such as Muhka, Cernovada and Sodrovni following the invasion of the west of the continent by the armies of the City of Pahry into 571. It is known indeed that at that time, the town of Pahry extends its influence from Sodrovni to Genova. According to Emma, so as to be able to resist to invasions of the other cities, it was decided to strengthen the cities more at the borders of this new empire. At this point in time appeared Vauban which by his great experiment as much of the military architectures that civil will be selected for this work.

This is without that she knew it that we took this photograph of Emma. However, it was only after the print of the film that we noticed the strange aspect of the photo that maybe explain why she refused that we took any photo.

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