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          Unfortunately, the incursions of the future novelist into the cities will not last a long time. Indeed, a few months later, the scaffolding will be dismounted and the passage will become inaccessible. Despite everything his efforts, Jules Verne could never find it. It has been only several years later that "the force of its imagination" enabled him however to find the path of the cities on several occasions. But as opposed to what he will affirm later on, it was not the only means. Did it really forget his teenagers adventures, or well has it acts thus by vanity to preserve his fame of visionary?

          After all, the novelist often took as a starting point his long conversations with Axel Wappendorf. The similarity between the celestial Shell of Wappendorf and that of the novel From the Earth to the Moon, is striking. On the other hand, the Floating City resulting from their collaboration seems to have much more interested Jules Verne, who described it with force details, than Axel Wappendorf. It should be said that this one had just wiped a failure with its Desert ship, and did not want certainly to renew this unpleasant experiment.

          Today still, the Pommeraye passage remains a place full of mysteries where many artists come to seek the Passage and to impregnate themselves with the genius which still haunts the places.

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