Nicolas Froidebise:
          Maintainor from 1878 to 1903, architect, collaborator of the cabinet of architecture William et Hansen.

      Extracts of the "Chronicle of the Passage" from Nicolas Froidebise:

    ... At this time, Spa was a English city. Let's sat that one lives there like Englishman, or more precisely than the Englishman who live in the city fleeing the puritan Victorian rigour create the event there. The Thermal baths were inaugurated in 1868. In 1878 it was the turn of the Passage, first section of the gallery of glass and steel, longest of Europe which will have to be prolonged to the dome...

    ... It is on my initiative that my friend the painter Antoine Fontaine will carry out his work "the Ninety three", that one calls in Spa "the gold book". On the Clear World, this drawing of 10 meters out of 3 meters and 50 centimeters commemorates the majority of the famous characters having remained in the city from Pline the Old up to 1894. There met facing the anachronism, Montaigu and Victor Hugo, Juste Lipse and Henri II... On the Obscure Continent, it represents the 93 ferrymen towards the obscure world since the contacts were established with our world...

    What Nicolas Froidebise does not say in his chronicles, it is that it is him even represented on this table, upright behind the balustrade, the slightly inclined head, its right hand slipped into the opening of its coat. On the background of the table, behind the characters are represented the key high-places of the district of the Passage of Spa: the Passage, the dome and Thermal baths.

Nicolas Froidebise - Maintainer from 1878 to 1903.

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