Antoine Ducarmes: Maintainor from 1904 to 1918, writer and journalist. Correspondent in Spa and Brüsel of the newspaper "the Chronicle" of Jean Dardenne.

    Antoine Ducarmes was the organizer of great events on the site of the Passage. Among those, one will note the test of low-powered planes and of ornithoptères (bicycles provided with wings), prelude to the great week of aviation of 1909, first air meeting organized on the continent where were distinguished particularly the aviators Spoo de Ster called Spoo Naert and Axel Wappendorf. Antoine Ducarmes was the only maintenor not to finish his mandate, because marked of spying, it was executed by the occupant in 1918.

Poster of the aviation meeting organized in 1909
where the name of Wappendorf is indicated.

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