Jean d'Espau:
          Maintainor from 1945 to 1970,
          poet, philosopher and great traveller.

    Gilles Devecqueterre, in his chronic defined him the following way.

    "... Intellectual nomad, wandering transcendantale, "Kerouanien ethnoculturel", beatnik writter and polyglot, Jean d' Espau is one of the last figures waked up of the old city. Large land-surveyors of the European railroads, its errances crossed briefs stays in its residence of Spa led it from Sidi Bel Abbir to California... "

    In fact, Jean d' Espau was a preserving archivist in the Obscure World, which would explain its long absences. In its house located at a few meters of the Passage, an astonishing library of rare books occupied two stages. One found there a translation French of Nécronomicon of Abdul Al Alzred, 7 volumes of Heptaméron of the Master Eben Ezer, the plans of the Palate of the Three Powers, key works of H. P. Lovecraft, Saga of Xam of Nicolas Devil, incunables, unknown manuscripts...

    A fire of mysterious origin almost completely destroyed this formidable library in 1977. Jean d' Espau disappeared in 1978, to undoubtedly join the Obscure Continent...

The "Ninety three". Under the name of "the book of gold", the 93 passeurs between the Obscure World and the Clear World are represented in this vast fresco inaugurated in 1884. Indicated in 1878, Nicolas Froidebise is the 91st listed maintainor and the first of this new Passage Place.

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