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    Gilles Devecqueterre:
          Mainteneur de 1971 Ó 1996,
          designer et urbaniste.

    It is in the Free University of Bruxelles that I met Gilles Devecqueterre whereas he assisted to a lesson of "Symmetrical Psychotherapy". He returned from Montpellier where he had taken part in a vast project of urban restoration.

    It is while speaking about semiology and Umberto Eco which he taught me that in 1991, in Spa, the experiment of the pendulum of Foucault would be renewed, following the example carried out in 1851 in the Vault of Arts and MÚtiers and then in the Law courts of Bruxelles. I learned that he had known Jean d' Espau and that he was always holder of some documents saved by the fire of his library in 1977.

    Gilles Devecqueterre will undoubtedly be the last maintainor of this Passage Place because he seemed well too much impassioned by the project which occupied him in Montpellier, the place of the golden number in the Antigone district. I noticed a strange similarity between this place and the Passage of Spa.

    It seems to me to be able to affirm that the Passage of Spa was abandoned in 1997 to the profit of this new Passage carried out in Montpellier because I do not know the new mainteainor who took his functions in 1997...

The great room of the winter garden where has been realized the experience of the Foucault Pendulum in front of the "ninety three" painting.

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