Eveything started with this mysterious letter. All in it appeared strange. To start with the paper whose the envelope was made. Never I had seen used such a white paper for an envelope! Which could be well the manufacturer who made such a paper? And then, there was this curious blue label on the border on which it was written " Prioritaire - Priority ". Here is something completely wonderfull! How a letter could have more priority than another now! And then, which acted as stamp was most strange of all shape of the missive. A long blue tape with birds stylized on the bottom. In addition to a succession of figure which represent nothing for me, it was writen the name of what I supposed being a city, "Toulon", and what I supposed being a country, "the French Republic". Never I had heard to speak about this so-called republic! Lastly, most unbelievable was that this letter was absolutely not addressed to me. However the address be good as for whjat was the name of the street, but very clearly, this letter wasnt intended to me since the name of recipient was a certain Benoit Peeters that I know absolutely not. And finally the name of our city had been completely massacred: "Bruxelles"! Where had the shipper of this missive been able well to go to seek similar orthography?

   More surprising awaited me perhaps inside! I was obliged to read it twice before starting to understand something. Never I had been able to read such strange thing. It was there question of a large boat coming from an "other world", which would have remained wedged between this one and ours. The author of the letter said being persuaded that this boat was a irrefutable proof of the existence of this "other world" and that he will continue his search to discover some others.

    Its story can appeared odd if there have not been these four photography joined. What a strange photographs! It was completely incredible, and in this moment I hesitate to write these lines so much I have the impression thus to lay down on paper some signs of madnesses. Completely incredible thus since these photographs were in color. That was not any doubt, it did not act of any unspecified process of recolor as one can see them in certain newspapers like the famous "Echo of the Cities". Not, here, without any doubt, the photographs reproduced very exactly the colors of the objects which was represented there as if they had been captured by the objective of the apparatus. Finally, in addition to the boat described in the letter, the city and certain object that one can there see have a very strange aspect and a utility extremely mysterious.

   I would rather defer the envelope immediately back to the mail service and never again think about it...

The first letter


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