These are only several months later that I received a second similar letter. Again this so white paper for the envelope and always this mysterious recipient whom I had still not succeeded to identify. Only the stamp appeared this time of a more traditional form, even if it came always of this mysterious republic about which I cannot find any information, nor near my friend, nor in some institution.

   Inside, the talk was always also strange and surprising. It was this time question of imprisoned shade on some wall and some terrestrial globe fixed intentionally in its rotational movement.

   Two new photography again in color were enclosed in the letter and showed the shades and the sphere.

   I had yet not spoken to anybody about the first letter that I had received some month before, except of course the various attempt to have more information concerning this strange republic which was unknown to me. However, on several occasions, I wondered whether these stories could not have some links with these spheres which would have discovered Michel Ardan a few times ago and these famous theories of an "other world . And then here suddenly that one speaks about connected shades. That could have something to see with this so surprising history who arrived at this representative in insurance at Blossfeldtstad and whom I saw the photographs, which besides had been taken by Michel Ardan, still him?

   I will have be sure of it...

The second letter


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