Yesterday, I received a third letter. Always the same recipient, always the same strange envelope.

   The contents is from the same style as that of the two other letters that I had received before. The author would have found the clocks which prevent the globe from turning. Again, two colored photographs illustrate the comments and show two clocks of completely strange aspect.

   On my side, I tried not to waste my time, but in vain. I tried to contact Michel Ardan, but I received any answer. It was for me a large disappointment! How a man so scholar could thus be unaware of facts so surprising? Then, I encouraged myself. They surely were able to say to me to the post office from where these letters could well come. Unfortunately, no useful information was given to me. And when I questioned the employee about the strange republic from where they would have come, it was answered me curtly that the mission of the post office was to find the recipient of a letter and not its shipper!

   I returned at home in prey to a great agitation. And if there were another world than ours? And if these letters came from it? And if I were quite simply insane?

The third letter


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