They came to see me at the evening. I would have to conscient of it! Never I would have had to go to question people of the post office. They were two, equipped like inspectors from Mylos. They posed to me heaps of questions concerning the three letters which I had received. Had I read them? Which information I had taken with regard to them? Why had I opened them? Why hadn't I deferred them to the post office without opening them? Had I had contacts with other people on this subject? Had I simply spoken about these letters with somebody?

   They asked to me whether I always had them and if I wanted to give them back in order to return them to their true recipient. I pretexted that I did not have them any more, that the inconsistency of the remarks which was held there had encouraged me to disencumber of them. But I saw well that they did not believe me.

   I await them, I know that they will return to recover them. But it will be well necessary that they provide me explanations! It will not be like that...


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