"The shades of the past haunt the walls of the city..."

   Toulon the Black City is a genuine trap for the dreams and the floating spirits. On the turning of one of the many walks, I discovered these two poor shades which can nothing make else than to await and deplore because somebody emprisonned them. But which mad man can devote himself to these cruel plays and thus lock up the dreams on dirty walls?

   I think that the sphere that one can see not far contains part of the answer to my questions: it represents a world solidified under metal, that sometimes water jets come to strike in vain. The immobility gained the Earth, and I wonder whether, little by little, all will not crystallize around, stopping time and the movement.

  It is thus time for me to charge myself of a mission: to find this Clock whose somebody slowed down the needles, and to restart it with the key of the dreams before it is not too late. But which knows what I could find on my road...

The Guard of the Dreams of the South.


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