Toulon, this 19 june 1998

   To who dreams, so high and so far...

   Because Toulon is much more complex and dangerous that I did not think it, and many time I was mislaid in mazes which I did not imagine: tentacular trap, the city did not cease unrolling around me its tortuous and interminable streets from where I sometimes believed never to be able to escape.

   But the force with which I wished to succeed allowed me of leaving myself from there. For unfortunately noting that the smallest like the broadest avenue did not comprise what I sought: the clock with the suspended movement which, slowly, solidified all around us.

   I thus decided to direct my steps in the surroundings, towards these villages which I hoped for safe from the harmful influence of the black city. If you knew how much large was my disappointment when I found what I thought of being the source of our problems, in the village of La Garde, charming seemingly, but whose name could not lend to confusion: which secrecy these lanes could preserve well?


   Undoubtedly that of this clock of which I forward to you here two photographs. Perhaps the blackness of the column which spouts out ground will prevent you from recognizing there elements which I find worrying: an axe, very of accesses, which openly expresses the violent intentions of the one who built this infernal mechanics. The manufacturer who have also make appear his instrument of work, the compass and the plumbline, which be not without recall the symbol of old brotherhood with also hermetic than dangerous intention. Finally, and especially, one can there see a balance in total unbalance, of which the plague have disappear, surely because it himself be already cut down on us...

   As for the clock itself, and although it carry the traces of a so-called commemorative demonstration, you have I think noticed that it carry more that one needle.

   Preventing myself of any too hasty conclusion, I think hold here one of the evil sources which corrode our streets and our basements. I will go thus immediately try to go up a little further, towards the one who have done all that, or towards the telluric node which must palpitate somewhere under our foot. Who knows if I could not change something there?

   I wish you much courage for your own work, and I hope to be able to contact you more quickly than I already did it until now.

   Very in a friendly way


The Guard of the Dreams of the South.


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