To the Curator of the Office of the Obscure Passages.

Assumptions of Passage Places in the town of Toulon
(File Number: LP145/CO045).


Mister the Curator,

      Please find herewith the various document related to assumptions of Passage Places in the town of Toulon and its surroundings.

       Like it have already be announced in some other occasion, these different documents are of two origin. The first are letters addressed to Mr Benoît Peeters and apparently written, or at the very least sent by Mr Bruno Suzanna. It is significant to announce that these letters indeed arrived to Mr Peeters by the intermediary of the usual mail service. The origin of the seconds, the anonymous newspaper, is unknown for us. This newspaper have be deposit at our postal address in a folder of strange made.

      It is, I think, significant to underline in the case of this file how much the element which here appear are of the greatest interest and consequently how much the different place described in these document will deserve in the future the more large vigilance.


        Yours sincerely,


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Pierre Sannon

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