Documentation and Religious Research Center of Namur

   However, the archaeologists get back of the ground some curious bronze statues, little eroded, very astonishing as for their styles and especially as for their inscriptions...

   As you can see it on the photographs that you will please find attached with the present letter, the first of these statues represents a webbed creature whose dorsal spine is very projecting and who have a curious appendices at the base of the jaws. After a long library search, it reveals that this animal is known neither of the great zoologists, neither of the biologists, nor even of the least veterinary surgeon.

   On the other hand in a book than I unearthed (it is the word) in the documentation and Religious Research Center of Namur, entitled "Fauna and Flora of the Islands Chulae Vistae" and whose author remains anonymous, one can find a chart resembling this animal. It bears there the name of "Fougivorus Aquaticus". However, the explanations given about it seem at the very least fantasists. In addition, no good atlas mentions the islands "Chulae Vistae"!

The "FOUGIVORUS AQUATICUS". This "Fougivore" isn't mentionned in any serious book.

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