Obscure Links

Many links or virtual passages are waiting for you on the Internet network. These, like the passages to the obscure cities, are fragile and unstable. Have a nice journey in the deviations of the network of the networks...

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Le site d'Urbicande
The official site of the Obscure Cities by Alok Nandi.

URL:  http://www.urbicande.be

The magazine of the Obscure Cities.

URL:  http://www.ebbs.net

Le Web des cités obscures
The revelations of Joseph Le Perdriel by Eilko Bronsema

URL:  http://www.ebbs.net/schuiten

Le dictionnaire des cités obscures
The most complete dictionary about the obscure cities
by Sylvain Saint-Pierre.

URL:  http://dictionary.ebbs.net/

Le Catalogue Raisonné des oeuvres et travaux d'origines claires, sombres et obscures
The bibliography of François Schuiten, Benoît Peeters, Alain Goffin et many other clear , or obscure artists.

URL:  http://catalogue.ebbs.net/

The newspaper from the clear-obscure continent.

URL:  http://luminas.ebbs.net/

The Light
The online version of the news "The Light" by Michel Ardan.

URL:  http://thelight.ebbs.net/

Des villes claires aux cités obscures
Is the obscure world really existing?,by Quentin Gausset.
Includes many rare images.

URL:  http://archives.ebbs.net/

La saga de l'espion
Tales of the Obscure folklore, by Christophe Compère.

URL:  http://stories.ebbs.net/

Lumière sur les cités
The site of the obscure club "Lumière sur les Cités" by the Cc and cC Philippe Blampain and James Rooms and Sylvain Saint-Pierre for the conception.

URL:  http://club.schuiten.peeters.ebbs.net/

The Obscure Permanent Exhibit
The site of the Obscure Permanent Exhibit.

URL:  http://expo.ebbs.net/

Voyage au coeur des Cités Obscures
A marvelous site completely in Flash animation by Pascal.

URL:  http://citesobscures.free.fr/

Le Tram 81
A marvelous site completely in Flash animation by Niko.

URL:  http://users.swing.be/graphik/

The obscure folder "176"
The city of Saint-Petersbourg en Russia and his many Passages towards the Obscure Cities by Mitya Suchin.

URL:  http://mitya.ebbs.net/

Planet of Visions
The site of Planet of Visions at the thematic park of the international exposition 2000 of Hanover.

This site has been closed at the end of the universal exposition of Hanovre in 2000. This link is saved to keep a trace that this wonderfull site was existing.

URL:  http://www.planetofvisions.com/

Les Quarxs
The Maurice Benayoun site.

URL:  http://www.benayoun.com/

The site of Urbicande-la-Neuve
The site of the webcams of Urbicande-la-Neuve.

URL:  http://urbicande.tele.ucl.ac.be/

Urbicande en 1ºS
Network Growth Calculations, by the students of Nathalie Aymé.

URL:  http://www-cabri.imag.fr/abracadabri/EnClasse/Urbicande/

Le Réseau d'Urbicande
Obscure Theater, by the students of Nathalie Aymé.


La quête du sens dans les Cités Obscures
Analysis, by Frédéric Kaplan.

URL:  http://www.captage.com/kaplan/doc/schuiten/index.html

Les Cités Obscures
Revue, by Antoine Brenner.

URL:  http://www.via.ecp.fr/~brenner/cites.html

Les Cités Obscures et nous (édition 20)
Forum de discussion tenu par BD Paradisio.

URL:  http://www.bdparadisio.com/scripts/ForItems.cfm?IdSubject=0319132431

Fonds d'écran Obscure
For your PC, offered by Casterman.

URL:  http://www.casterman.com/fonds/fonds.asp?serie=urbicande

La station de métro Arts et Métiers
Details about the Paris Subway station that is a link to the Other World..

URL:  http://www.cnam.fr/museum/renovation/station.html

A Gateway to the Obscure Cities
What are the obscure cities?, by Jim Harrison.

URL:  http://members.aol.com/IKONPress

Schuiten Link Page
The biggest list of lins to linked or dedicated sites to the Obscure Cities, by RPK.

URL: http://www.euronet.nl/users/rpk/linksch.htm