Obscure Passages



The atomium

The atomium

Localization: Bruxelles - Belgium.

Destination: Brüsel.

Discovered by: Quentin Gausset.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


    The existence of atomium on the obscure world is assured for us only by one document representing a similar monument in the city of Brüsel. If, for a first view, this assumption seems contestable, it can however be confirmed by two assumptions.

    First of all, the reason even of the construction of atomium is enough to show the idea of a Passage place to this place. Built during the World Fair of 1958, the atomium was the symbol of the progress and the passage of humanity in a new modern era. Even slightly diverted, the suggestion of passage then was clearly stated.

   Finally, how not to see in atomium a corollary in our world of the spheres discovered by Michel Ardan in the pit of Marahuaca or at the fine bottom of the forest of Mégara? It seems clearly established in any case on the obscure continent that the shape even of the sphere would be favourable with the passage from one world to another. It is thus easy to imagine that the atomium of Bruxelles was designed with an aim of creating of all parts a Passage place.

   No formal proof could show the existence to date or not of a Passage inside atomium. It seems indeed, as shows the adventure of Michel Ardan, that the Passage occurs in this kind of place only in a completely fortuitous and absolutely unverifiable way. Search continues...