Obscure Passages





Localization: Slany - Czech Republic.

Destination: Xhystos ou Mylos.

Discovered by: Jalf Flach.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


   As for the Yellow House, this example of architecture Art nouveau surprises by its rather unexpected situation in a relatively unknown place. But this element is certainly not the most disconcerting concerning this place. Although always inhabited, it is told that the window of the stage would be constantly open. Strange beats, as the humming of an engine could be heared outside the building. So many elements which do not fail to raise many questions about the place.

   The indices are not however numerous, more especially as the neighbourhood does not easily agree to speak about the building.This lack of information resuls once more in dividing the experts on the possible destination of this place. Some, because of the style Art nouveau of the building lean in favour of the town of Xhystos, for the similarity of style. Others, on the other hand, because of its situation in industrial suburbs think rather that the place would open a door towards Mylos. However, the place conceals certainly still many secrecies that only the future will allow to elucidate.