Obscure Passages



The boiler house (Edificio das Caldeiras) The boiler house (Edificio das Caldeiras)

Localization: Coïmbra - Portugal.

Destination: Mylos.

Discovered by: Eduardo de Siza.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Closed.

Means: Passage.


See the diary of Ishmaël Tolentino and the report of the conference of Eduardo de Siza

   This building of Coïmbra in Portugal would have lodge an exposure of photographs of Marie-Francoise Plissart improved by François Schuiten. That is of courser not sufficient to establish the possibility of a Passage place to this point. However, it would seem that this exposure, in conjunction with the particulatity of the place would have permit to certain person to carry out the Passage between our two worlds.

   It appears that the masonry of the Boilers is a place whose resemblance to the buildings of Mylos seems extremely large. A little bit at the same manner as the flash of the camera of Vigoleis Koelber on paintings of Augustin Desombres would have allowed Vigoleis Koelber, then to Mary Von Rathen to pass from one world to the other, it would seem that the presence of the photographs of Marie-Francoise Plissart exposed in this place would have permit to a man called Ishmaël Tolentino to pass from the Obscur world to ours and then to go back in his own. It is what would show the extraordinary events that happened there and the testimony of various person at this occasion.

   Indeed, a strange report found on the spot of conference of Coïmbra (conference to which were present Messrs François Schuiten and Benoit Peeters) as well as the testimony of certain person visiting the exposure of the boiler house seem to show that the called Ishmaël Tolentino, originating of world Obscure and elect by a strange company to make a statement of different Obscure cities would have come in our world and go back to the obscure world by the means of this Passage place and by using the photography exposed at this moment.

   Although all the Portuguese press commented on what is called today "the Tolentino affair", because of the agitation that was caused by its relatively violent intervention at the time of the conference of Coïmbra, one cannot always at the present time affirm with certainty the true origin of Mr Tolentino nor the veracity of the facts that are suitable for him. No other testimony have been done at the moment concerning this place and it seems well that the end of the exposure dissipated forever any hope of Passage to this place...