Obscure Passages



The library of mister LÚvy

The library of mister LÚvy

Localization: Unknown.

Destination: Unknown.

Discovered by: Alain LÚvy.

Ferryman: Maybe.

Status: Possible opening.

The books and the imagination.


   The books being a well known means of Passage, it seems obvious that a library can be Passage Place. It is about however in the present case of an assumption related to a private library and not about a public library. It is in any case what claim the decouvror of this place, Mr Alain LÚvy, which doesn't hesitate to affirm that when he consults a book in a precise placeof its own library, on the rack on the top and on the left more precisely where it seems to be a number of invaluable work treating about the subject, he enters in the world of Obscure Cities.

   According to certain scientist in obscure science, it would seem that this kind of Passage, up to now completely exceptional and never having possible to be shown, would be possible for everybody having a library and some work related to the obscure world. The Passage would be carried out under the coupled influence of the book and the imagination. It would be however a matter of a personal act of Passage which can be carried out only in an intimate way, thus excluding any hope to be able to be observed.