Obscure Passages



A brickyard of Quimper A brickyard of Quimper

Localization: Quemper - France.

Destination: Mylos.

Discovered by: Ronan Griffon.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


   The case of the brickyard of Quimper is of a confusing similarity with another case of Passage place in another factory related to construction: the Delwart cement factory in Tournai. It is however established today with certainty that the discoverer of each one of these Passage places did not know each other at the time of their discoveries, eliminating from this fact the suspicions of trickeries and reinforcing the presumptions relating to these assumptions. Remainder, the testimony of the decouvror of the place even suffices for him to describe the present proposal.

   I had not never intended to speak about this brickyard given up until I go there by chance... and had attended a Passage!

   Being well informed thereafter on this factory of Quimper isolated in a marsh born from the meanders from Odet, I could only learn the reason from his closing, while having the insurance that there was not no economic criterion behind all that. Disappearances perhaps, but it is only one rumour like that, but audible this time, of the continual noise of the machines...

   Of the very Western point of our old continent, would lead one to such a Western point of the obscure world: Mylos? I do not dare to try the Passage...

Ronan Griffon