Obscure Passages



The Bruxelles-Congress station

The Bruxelles-Congress station

Localization: Bruxelles - Belgium.

Destination: Unknown.

Discovered by:
The association Bus Bavard.

Ferryman: Yes.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passages.


   The stations are often indicated like Passage Place. One will quote in this respect the station of Schaerbeek, famous for having his perfect double in the town of Brüsel, like that of Canfranc, with the so strange geographical situation. That seems normal taking into account that as well our world as the Obscur one seem to share this type of means of transport that is the railroads whereas other vehicles of each continent has nothing in common.

   The station Bruxelles-Congress appears however to have much more close links with the Obscure Cities than the majority of the stations of our world. Closed down a few years ago because of its situation too close to the Central station, the station of Bruxelles-Congress is today an arts centre for young artists of Bruxelles. One knows how much arts and the Obscur world maintain close links and it would not be surprising if the paintings which decorate the walls of the station would permit to make the Passage as allowed it the paintings of Desombres.

   Another disconcerting sign reinforces the suspicions relating to this place. In one of the purest style of the after war, the frontage of the station is decorated of a low-relief representing some trades of craftsmen representative of certain Belgian cities. The bottom of this low-relief represents a sphere armillaire, sign characteristic of the Obscure Cities. Which message hides behind this sign? Would one have liked, while mixing signs of our world with one of the Obscur world, to express the close links which link the Obscur continent with our? Or well then would one have thus liked to underline the function of the place like Passage place?

   An element of response could perhaps have been brought at the time of the strange visit of Bruxelles which was organized on the 29th of July 2001 and which was to lead its participants from Bruxelles to Brüsel. However, the mysterious person who claimed herself to be a ferryman and which suddenly joined us in front of the building just showed us the sign of the sphere before taking us along further in the browsing of other places of Bruxelles. By where had she passed? Why did she go further along pretexting the impossibility of the Passage at this place? Why not having cleared up the mystery of the sphere armillaire? The mystery around the station of Bruxelles-congress remains open...

The Bruxelles-Congrès station