Obscure Passages



The Moorish Casino

The Moorish Casino

Arcachon - France.

Destination: Calvani or Alaxis.

Discovered by: Chris Muller.

Ferryman: Paul Régnauld.

Status: Destroyed.

Means: Passages.


See the virtual reconstitution of the Casino

   The Moorish Casino of Arcachon was built in 1864 in the town of winter. Organ point of the real project of the brothers Pereire, it made the beautiful hours of the evenings of the European "jet set" of the beginning of XXth century. Requisitioned to become a hospital during the First World War, the Casino was renovated in the Twenties. A competitor establishment of games, located on the sea front, hastened its decline gradually. This jewel of the beautiful time ended up burning in 1977.

   The links between this Casino and the obscure continent are not clearer. Indeed, it is more the multitude of those rather than than their relevance which would leave think that the Moorish Casino was well a Passage place.

   However, this multitude of index does not fail to cause the debate among the most eminent obscurologists. Indeed, if so much of them think that this place was to lead to Calvani, others affirm with force that the destination was not different than Alaxis. The first take for proof the architectural similarity of certain capitals of the Casino with those well-known of Calvani. "isn't the cupola besides a marvellous example of the architectural style Calvanien?" like to say some. To defend their thesis, the partisans of the first assumption does not hesitate to quote some lines of a famous work exhausted for a long time, "Arcachon, the town of winter": "Established in an immense, bright garden of shrubs, green grasses with caves, enormous rocks and lightning cascades". These lines would show in a final way that the Casino was closely related to the town of Calvani.

   The defenders of the Alaxian assumption reply also by the demonstration of the architectural similarity. For them, the architecture of the Casino made without question think to the town of Alaxis. Those then to quote some lines drawn from the word "Alaxis" in the famous dictionary of the obscure cities: "There remain however several traces of an architecture which one would describe as moorish in our world". Lastly, how not to see in the similarity of function of the places, the game, the perfect demonstration of the link which binds the Moorish Casino to the town of Alaxis?

   The only evidence which will perhaps manage a day to reconcile the two parts on this subject will undoubtedly be the fact that the Casino was carried out by this enigmatic personality that was Paul Regnauld. Paul Regnauld had as assistant Gustave Eiffel, whose links with the world obscure tend more and more to being shown. Some researchers think that Paul Regnauld would have initiated Gustave Eiffel to the reality of the Obscure world and even as this one would have acts as a ferryman starting from the Moorish Casino. Some go even until claiming, within sight of that, that the Moorish Casino would lead to Pâhry. But this last assumption seems more eccentric...