Obscure Passages



The cathedral of Saint-Andrews

The cathedral of Saint-Andrews

Saint Andrews - Scotland.

Destination: Samarobrive.

Discovered by: Amaury Triaud.

Ferryman: Yes.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


   In the file n384001 about the Obscure Cities, realized by Isidore Louis, archivist in the sub-section of the myths and legends of the central institute of the archives, a document reveals the ruins of a partly destroyed Gothic building being located at Samarobrive. This place approaches terribly, by its aspect, with the cathedral of a small Scottish village: Saint-Andrews, who it also, is partly destroyed. In this place do not remain any more than deaths, indeed, surface on which is built this building was transformed into cemetery. The proximity of this church of the sea lets predict what arrived at the building of Samarobrive, i.e. a flood.

   It is probable that a passage has one day existed in these places, in direction of Samarobrive. Nothing currently allows to know if this one is still practicable considering the state in which the two buildings are, each one in their world. If there is still a Passage here, it would be located then in the still entire part of the building, and would require the presence of a person in order to rejoin in full safety the obscure world.

Another assumption can be marked; considering the number of vault present at Saint Andrews, on the site of the cathedral, the Passage could be well in one of them. It would be then impossible to rejoin the obscure continent, water having invades all space with Samarobrive.

   Many people could have passed by here, especially some artists, one can see one of them on the illustration given by Isidore Louis. The proximity of the cathedral and the university to the city probably allowed the Passage of several dreamers students towards Samarobrive. Scotland is an enchantor country and many are disappearances and the tales existing in these lands. The cathedral is apparently at a point of meeting of various testimonys of odd facts and disappearances. The presence of the cemetery has without a doubt something linked to that.

   Research is in hand and should succeed one of these days.